Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chunky Cinnamon Apple Sauce

There is nothing like Fall in New England. One of the most popular fall activities is apple picking. Here is a perfect recipe to use all of those apples that you picked. Homemade apple sauce is super easy, cost effective and the best part is that you can control all of the ingredients that go into it.

Photo credit: Michael Theriault & Megan Theriault

1/2 cup water
6 apples
1 tbs cinnamon 

1- Peel apples and core
2- Chop apples into squares
3- In a medium pan combine apples and water
4- Turn on medium and cook covered until apples soften
5- Remove cover and add cinnamon 
6- Mash apples with a potato masher

7- Store in refrigerator to up to a week

                                              Yours in Health & Happiness,

                                        Lisa and Nichole

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