Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Quest for Perfection: find your own unique center and calm your anxious mind

If you are anxious you are living in the future. As a long time sufferer of anxiety these words really resonated with me. I could relate. Like many other people I was always living for the future because then I would feel happy, relaxed and fulfilled. In the future everything would be perfect. Even myself.

I think we all have some idea of perfection. Some of us strive for it every day. Some of us put a smile on our faces but underneath it all we are not content; not by a long shot. Those of us with anxious minds often without realizing it are always thinking about the future. Soon I will be successful...soon I will get that promotion...soon I will be in love...soon I will be more financially secure...soon I can go on that vacation I’ve been dreaming of.... soon I will be HAPPY. That last one HAPPINESS is essentially what we are striving for; a sense of happiness and peace. And once all of our ducks line up we will be enveloped in that state of mind simply loving life. Right? Well maybe not...While yes we may feel some happiness as we check of the mental goals on our current satisfaction list, we always quickly jump to the next thing on our list of creating future happiness. Is this how we are meant to live, grasping at each subsequent moment waiting to feel, waiting to let all of our troubles go and be at ease? It is great to have goals and expectations of our lives, ourselves and those around us. It is great to be advantageous and ambitious. But wouldn’t it be great if we could accomplish this and still be present in this very moment? To look around take a deep breath and let it all in...the good and the bad...to simply feel it all. Life is not perfect and the bottom line is that it will never be. And that is okay. There are ups and downs and twists and unexpected turns but thats all part of this ride we call life. Somewhere along the line in the midst of all the chaos around us with things like social media and television showing us the world’s conception of perfection many of us are drowning in our own pools of self doubt. Wouldn’t it be nice to unplug, take a deep look inside ourselves and if there is something we don’t like make an effort to change it today. Not tomorrow or sometime in the future but now. And maybe instead of changing ourselves we need to embrace ourselves. Every little part of ourselves. Imperfection is beauty. Uniqueness is an embraceable characteristic that we all have. Celebrate who you are and the more confidence you have the more people embrace that uniqueness, even ourselves.  Now is the time to start living and loving ourselves. No one is promised tomorrow so why should we live for it? To be calm, to be grounded, to be centered in this very moment, this very hour, this very day is perfection in itself. 

So, to my fellow anxious minds, take a minute to pause, to breathe, to love yourself and to feel that in this very moment you are okay.

Yours in Health & Happiness,

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