Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meet the Health Nuts

Welcome to our blog! We are 2 health nuts on a mission to bring you the latest information in the health and wellness field and to get you on the road to being the healthiest version of yourself. The two of us met while in graduate school studying Clinical Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport in CT. Our passion for wellness and to make a real change in people's lives lead us to form an instant bond. We knew we would make a great team sharing a nutrition practice, educating people, and blogging about all the latest info in nutrition and healthy living. What we put into our body has a direct effect on our health, and research is proving this more and more every day. In a time of rising obesity, and physical and mental health problems we are seeing the expression "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" play itself out. Millions of Americans are suffering and are under the impression that short of trying the latest fad diet or medication that we have to live this way. This is simply not true. We will be sharing healthy recipes, nutrition information and many other aspects of healthy living. Do to all the conflicting nutrition advice, we will also be available to answer your questions. We are so excited to be a valuable resource and to share this life changing information with you!

 In Health & Happiness,

Lisa  and Nichole

" Be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Gandhi

         My name is Lisa Hyatt, a 33 year old wellness guru. I became a certified Health Coach 4 years ago which then lead me to pursue my Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition. Drawing from my education in hundreds of dietary theories and nutrition science I work with clients to improve physical and mental health conditions, lose weight, and learn how to make  sustainable lifestyle changes. Personally, I battled with fluctuating weight issues for most of my teenage life and at the age of 17 the onset of anxiety and panic disorder completely changed my world.  When I was 21 I began researching natural health and eating healthy and realized that the answer to permanent weight loss and getting healthy mentally might possibly lie in the same place. Eating the wrong foods were toxic to both my brain and body. It was all connected. Putting healthy foods into my body and getting rid of certain inflammatory foods for my particular biochemistry would improve both my physical and mental health. I began to feel comfortable in my body being a healthy weight and my panic attacks were becoming far less frequent. Since the age of 27, figuring out the final piece of the puzzle lead me to be free of panic disorder.  
      As a mother of 3, I feel beyond blessed to have so much knowledge in the health and nutrition field to help navigate through this difficult world of such conflicting advice. When my son was only 4 years old he was diagnosed with asthma and every time he would catch a cold or the seasons would change his asthma would get so debilitating that he would end up on steroids and a breathing machine. Other mothers who have experienced this know that it is extremely scary and any mother could imagine how terrifying it is when your child can barely breathe. He was five years old when we began eating healthy as a family. I began taking certain foods out of his diet and at the age of 7, I finally discovered what a main trigger for his asthma in his diet was. Once he stopped eating it, his asthma attacks became few and far between. He is now 10 years old and asthma is pretty much a thing of the past.  I think everyone is getting the point. Changing our diets and lifestyles can change not only our lives but the lives of our children. This in a nut shell is why I do what I do. It is my passion and I look forward to cutting through all the overwhelming conflicting health advice out there, and bring you the truth; the simple, educated and effective truth in leading a healthier life.

“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.”

My name is Nichole Theriault, a 25-year-old health nut.  I struggled with weight through my childhood and teens. Right before high school, I lost and gained the same twenty pounds multiple times on my ride of yo-yo dieting. I thought my diet of diet soda, sugar free candy, fat -free everything and counting calories obsessively was healthy. When I was 20, I became a vegetarian, and discovered the world of nutrition thru books, Whole Foods, health food stores, and farmers markets.  In the past five years, my definition of healthy has evolved and I have found my balance thanks to education and my hunger for nutrition. I am no longer a vegetarian or eat the way I did in high school, but my passion for nutrition has only gotten stronger. As my family would tell you I live, breathe and sleep nutrition. 
In May of 2012 I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and a minor in nutrition. One day after graduation I began classes for my Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition.  I decided to pursue this degree because I need it to accomplish my goal of opening up a practice and counseling clients. Besides blogging and pursuing my nutrition career, I am lucky enough to be teaching cooking and nutrition classes to people of all ages. I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen thinking up new recipes to suit healthy lifestyles. I can’t wait to share them with all of you! I have learned a great deal from my own experiences, and I continue to learn and grow every day from my students. I am very lucky to be able to share my passion. 

Now that you've met us stay tuned for our next blog post!

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